B-17 Bomber Crews From the 385th Bomb Group of the Mighty 8th Airforce

Welcome to the Crew Gallery. We would like to thank W. W. Varnedoe, Jr. for allowing us to reproduce the following pictures from his book, “The Story of Van’s Valiants of the 8th Army Air Forec – A History of the 385th Bomb Group in World War II.

“In some ground crews are included, in others, the crews are partial. Since crew composition changed from time to time a given airman may be absent from a picture of a crew with which he flew many missions.”

The pictures Varnedoe used were provided by numerous souces so the quality is quite poor in many instances. However, these were the best pictures he could find and felt it proper to include them, regardless of quality or composition. Crews are listed alphabetically by pilot’s name.