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In the wartime era there was a much more laid back mindset. The U.S. had just recovered from a massive depression that had men, who were "head of households", working with a pick and shovel on a road gang for as little as a dollar a day.

Suddenly, when the war effort started, these same men were given jobs in plants and shipyards earning 10 to 20 times that pay. The depression had stripped them clean of pride and self-esteem. However, they graciously embraced the fact that they now had an important role in society and no longer needed a handout.

It was with this mindset that they entered this new era and it was with this mindset that they did what was necessary to insure the future of their country.

In Publications

The Wartime era reached further then just that, It also reached the ears and eyes of the people through multiple forms of media including books and other publications.

Click here to download a PDF of an actual article written in 1943 by Life Magazine.